Providence Public Library Winter Wedding


Russell Morin not only made our wedding an incredible and memorable day for us, but made sure that our guests had just as great of an experience.

My fiancée, Matt and I were married at the Providence Public Library in December 2018; Russell Morin is the exclusive event planner/caterer for the venue, which is the best pairing since peanut butter and jelly.

I'll start with the event planning review -Matt and I were lucky enough to work with Ardriana, who is so incredibly talented at what she does and has the most wonderful personality. We could not help but notice how often, and how much she strived, to say "Yes!" Whether it was a question, a request, asking for her time and ideas, wondering if she could hop on yet another call with us - Ardriana was consistently positive, friendly, informed, and doing everything she could to make sure we could do the things we wanted at our wedding, however untraditional. We also got to work with Paige a little, who was equally as helpful and upbeat. From almost a year out to the wedding up until the days after, Ardriana and Paige were consistently professional, available, gracious and so, so excited for us.

One thing we also loved about Russell Morin is how helpful and accessible their entire staff is; Matt and I also had conversations with Lizzy, the company's chief sales and marketing officer, who had also gotten married at the Providence Public Library and acted as an amazing soundboard for us, providing valuable feedback and ideas that truly helped us shape our wedding. No matter who we reached at Russell Morin, they were helpful and gave us as much time as we needed, even if we had called the wrong person. The customer service was above and beyond - we went from being two people with not the slightest idea of how to throw a wedding, to two people who honestly think they threw the event of the century, thanks to the advice, ideas and guidance of the Russell Morin staff. Our hats are truly off to them in amazement and appreciation.

Now, the part of the review I'm sure you're all looking for - the catering. The food absolutely blew every single guest of ours out of the water. I remember as Matt and I were making our rounds at dinner, I noticed all of the plates at the tables had been scraped clean. Like, the-dog-licked-it-clean-before-the-dishwasher clean. One of my aunts saw me noticing this, and said "Hannah, I've been to dozens of weddings, at expensive and lavish venues, and never have I had such incredible food. WOW!" And every person at that table nodded in agreement! Even now, 12 days post-wedding, our guests are still talking about the food at our wedding. (Note here! If you're getting married in RI, get the Autocrat frappe dessert to give your resident and out-of-town guests a nice taste of RI!) Bonus, because we didn't get a chance to have our dinners (145 guests is a lot of people to greet!) Ardriana was awesome enough to wrap our dinners to go. We have never been more grateful.)

I could truly go on for pages about how amazing Russell Morin is, but the bottom line is, feel confident choosing them. Because you have made a decision that both you and your guests - your parents, friends, family, and even those people you had to invite - are going to be blown away by, and will keep talking about long after the last bottle of champagne is popped.